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Our Story

Lina Vetter has been designing small handbags since 2013. Being a minimalist, she seeks to combine fashion and functionality in all of her designs. It wasn't until the TalkAndTextBag was rolled out for the first time in 2014, that she realized that she had designed something special. Since then, production has streamlined into producing this bag exclusively.

Have you ever dropped and damaged your smartphone? If you have, then you're in good company. The smartphone repair industry has grown hand in hand with smartphone sales, so the search for products that protect our smartphones has also grown.

The smartphone industry is growing and the investment people make in their smartphones is why the TalkAndTextBag is so successful.  The clear pocket of this fashionable crossbody bag is what makes it so unique. YOU CAN TALK AND TEXT RIGHT THROUGH THE CLEAR POCKET AND NEVER HAVE TO TOUCH YOUR PHONE! It has a quilt-lined side zip wallet for your essentials like CC's, cash, ID, passport and a lipstick. Keys click onto the integrated push gate ring.

It goes everywhere you go! To NFL stadiums or any venue that has a small bag requirement, the grocery store, travel and vacation, walking your dog and the list goes on and on. It enables you to stay connected all while being hands-free! Thank you for visiting today and taking the time to browse the site!

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